AFSID Group International Forex Copy

1. What is Signal Start?

Signal Start is a professional one stop shop signal service. Catering the needs of both signal providers and signal followers, Signal Start allows to set up a complete service for signal providers and offer a seamless process for signal followers. The service is completely transparent and allows you to copy trades from any forex account (with supported platforms) in a few minutes.

2. Do I need to open a new trading account?

No. Your existing account will work just fine. You simply need to register an account and subscribe to the system(s) of your choice. You will not have any markups or hidden costs.

3. Why should I join Signal Start?

Signal Start offers you a complete solution for your signals.
As a signal follower, you do not need to keep your trading platform open or be a rocket engineer to set it up – the service is simple and intuitive to use and will automate everything for you.
As a signal provider, you will not need to search for clients, provide support or do anything other than trading – simply set a fee for your system and see your income grow.

4. If I subscribe to a system, can I still trade normally in my account?

Absolutely. You can keep trading normally – it will not interfere with Signal Start.

5. Are there any spread markups or hidden costs?

No. Since you keep trading your existing account, you will have exactly the same conditions. Signal Start only charges a small monthly service fee for operating your account and subscribing to systems.

6. Do I need to keep my trading account open?

No. Signal Start is designed to be a completely standalone service and as such, you do not need to keep your trading account open or install anything on your computer. Your terminal will be connected 24/5 on our servers.

7. Can’t I use my own VPS to cut down costs?

Signal Start is already cost effective. Maintaining your own VPS with real money on the line can be dangerous – if the VPS malfunctions while you’re away, you could lose thousands of dollars. That’s why it is always best to leave it to the professionals – with Signal Start your account is connected and monitored 24/5 while you can do whatever you wish – all for a small monthly fee which is more than worth it.

8. Which payment methods do you accept?

Signal Start accepts Credit Cards – the most commonly used online payment processor.

9. How performance is calculated?

Signal Start uses an industry standard time weighted return formula (or TWR in short) to calculate your performance. This means that your deposits/withdrawals do not affect your performance data.

10. How Signal Start copies trades?

Signal Start uses readily available broker API’s to copy trades from one trading account to another (even between different brokers). Signal Start is designed to copy trades which meet the slippage criteria (3 pips default). If a trade cannot be copied, it will be retried until successful or invalid – this ensures optimal trade syncing and even in some cases, better entries than the signal.